1. Leave bandage on for 1-2 hours.

2. Remove bandage and wash tattoo with
    CLEAN hands and antibacterial soap using
   water as warm as you can stand. 

3. PAT dry with clean towel and let air dry.

4. Apply a SMALL amount of Hustlebutter,
     Aquaphor, Aveeno Baby Lotion or other
   that doesn’t contain aloe, lanolin or lipids. 
    Try to apply lotion on 
    healing tattoo as often as needed.

5. DO NOT pick, scratch or soak tattoo in
    water while its healing. No baths, hottubs
    or fresh or saltwater. 

6. KEEP out of direct sunlight. Once
    healed, use sunblock to prevent
    tattoo from fading.

7. Tattoos heal best when they are allowed
    to breathe and heal from within. This means that you
    should only use enough lotion/cream to

8. If you MUST, slap it, never scratch. Also
    laying a clean damp washcloth thats been 
    chilled (freezer) on the tattoo and LIGHTLY 
    drag your fingers over the itch.